About us

KidBrain LLC is the 'brain' child of professional snowboarder Brandon Reis. But KidBrain is something that every one of us has.

If you’re a 48 year old tea-drinking golf-playing financial bazillionaire. A butt-scratching crack-showing plumber of 39 years, or a 13 year old just about to start the most stressful year of their life walking into high school. It doesn’t matter, we all have it, KidBrain. Its somewhere in every one of our brains, some deeper than others. It's the part that never forgets about the simple things in life. The clouds that looked like dinosaurs, or the popsicles from the ice cream truck. Even that first booger we decided to taste one night in bed. The thing is, no matter how busy, how sad, or old we get, we will never totally lose our KidBrain.

Here we try to bring the fun back, and the good feeling of staying young and happy. Yes at times we’re more dirty than others, but it’s just because KidBrain.

So we hope you like the designs and can contribute to something fun. We want to support our KidBrains and inspire others to never forget what they love. You are never to old for anything and you can be who you want to be. Always be yourself and be proud!

This is the start of something great. Unleash you and make memories!

This is KidBrain!